I started photographing in the early seventies, in parallel with my science studies at Lund University. Then lived partly outside Hamburg with the opportunity to meet many established photographers.

Like most art-interested photographers at the time, I worked mostly in black and white. There was a lot of time in the darkroom with film development and copying, which gave me great experience of image composition and valuation of the images' denominations. Considering all the time you had to put on each picture, you learned to choose carefully before taking the picture.

I worked during the first part of the seventies as a head teacher at KV's Photo School in Lund and during that time met many students and colleagues with an interest in photos.

I have since alternated photography with painting and graphic design and, among other things, designed many books, magazines, posters and advertisements where I partly illustrated the works with my own pictures.
Then, with mixed feelings, digital technology emerged and it became a completely different way of working. Everything goes faster, new equipment and the darkroom were replaced by work at the computer.
What I can state, however, is that I still have some from the analog time - when others take a hundred pictures, I take ten! But the new technology has opened up an enormous number of new opportunities and photography has reached a new spring.

Here I present a selection of my pictures divided into four themes; Nature, Careful Decay, General and Travel. Nature has always been close to my heart - I live in the middle of it and am inspired daily by its wonderful shifts.
Careful decay emanates mainly from my painting and graphic work and I have, not least, been fascinated by the theme "Careful decay", mainly pictures from my travels.
The fact that I also have a tab with general pictures is primarily due to the fact that I almost never leave the front door without a camera in my hand.
Finally, there is a tab with Travel where I report a selection of photos from my travels. Several of these are part of a number of image programs that I show publicly and that can be ordered.
Hope the pictures shown can be fun!